Simply Blossoming

Reflect & Re-Connect with YOUR Mind, Body & Spirit

Since 2010, Simply Blossoming has been dedicated to helping women re-connect with themselves, Mind, Body and Spirit along with building a strong community of incredible, supportive, women.


Find out more about the 6th Annual Simply Blossoming Retreat in Ontario HERE

Are you looking for a way to connect to other like-minded women who are kind, generous and inspirational?

Would you like to continue to work on your own personal development when it’s convenient for YOU?

Do you attend the annual retreat? Or would you like to?

Our passion is encouraging women to see themselves for who they are as individuals, not as moms, wives, sisters, business owners. Through offering annual retreats in British Columbia and Ontario, we connect groups of women across Canada and beyond to be the change they want to see in the world. This is a rare opportunity not offered by any other organization.

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The Founders


Laurel Crossley, B.A. Life Coach, Parent Educator, Certified Adult Educator, Founder of Opti-Mom

Laurel Crossley is a highly sought after Speaker catering to topics on self-development, parenting and child development. She not only is the Found of Opti-Mom, she is also a columnist for Together Magazine, a regular guest on the Gail Vaz-Oxlade Night Shift Radio Show and Rogers Daytime as well as recently being invited to participate as a regular Parenting Panelist on Canada AM. She has been interviewed for Chatelaine Magazine, Oh Baby Magazine, Today’s Parent, The Globe and Mail, and The Toronto Star. She hosted, and produced her own cable television series, MomU! which ran from 2009 – 2012.

In addition to her speaking, she is devoted to supporting Children (and their families) that struggle with mental health issues. In 2012 she was nominated for a prestigious Dove Celebrate Mom Award for her work with her mental health initiative, LMAO (Laughing My Anxiety Off) supporting 9 – 13 year old Girls that struggle with anxiety. Her unique connection to Children on an energetic level is paralleled to few and she has worked with Children as young as 3. She is extremely sensitive, highly intuitive with a tremendous sense of humour and has overcome her own struggles as a former painfully shy, extremely sensitive and anxious child.

Follow her on Twitter @optimom.

Cathy Thompson

Cathy Thompson, B.A., Entrepreneur and  Educator

Cathy Thompson is a global expert in youth education, wellness and resiliency. She is the founder of several companies, including Beyond the Classroom, a leading provider of in-home, K-12 tutoring services for students. 

Cathy’s mission is to inspire millions of children and youth around the world to grow their confidence, life skills and academic capacity so they can make a meaningful life-long contribution to their families, schools and communities.

 Cathy is a pioneer in the field of youth mental health and wellness. Her programs have been adopted by internationally recognized non-profit organizations and are in use globally.  She is considered a go-to expert on youth and is a sought after speaker, consultant and trainer by community groups, non-profits and organizations focused on supporting confident, resilient children.

 An award-winning entrepreneur, Cathy has launched six successful business ventures and mentors new and established women in business to create profitable, sustainable and meaningful companies.

Cathy feels passionately about women’s mental health and that’s part of the reason that she felt drawn to working with Laurel to establish Simply Blossoming. Cathy has presented at numerous conferences and events internationally regarding women’s mental health, particularly in the area of young women and depression. Cathy understands the importance of Mind, Body and Spirit as the key to good mental health.

Connect with Cathy on LinkedIn

The Logo

The Cherry Blossom logo is a dedication to the Buddhist tradition of taking time from daily life to acknowledge the splendour of the blossoms.  The Simply Blossoming logo symbolizes taking time away from Life’s distractions to acknowledge the splendour within allowing Attendees to Simply Blossom.

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