Simply Blossoming~Connect with YOUR Body, Mind & Spirit

Simply Blossoming is dedicated to helping women re-connect with themselves, Mind, Body and Spirit. We host an annual retreat in October where women immerse themselves in workshops and experiences that focus on re-connecting with self. We also have Soirees, which are fun meet-ups and workshops on a variety of topics sprinkled throughout the year.

Our passion is empowering women to see themselves for who they are as individuals, not as moms, wives, sisters, business owners. This is a rare opportunity not offered by any other organization. Through the retreat and workshops we strive to help you discover your authentic self.

Re-Connect with YOUR authentic self! Join us October 12 to 14, 2012 in gorgeous Haliburton Ontario for the Annual Simply Blossoming Retreat! Click HERE for details!

Let 2012 be the time for YOUR change and Simply Blossom!

Here’s what 2 of our 2011 Attendees had to say about the Simply Blossoming Retreat!

“The Simply Blossoming Retreat weekend was truly magical.  Seriously! The energy that surrounded the camp was so high, you could almost feel the vibrations. The most profound impact was the amazing relationships that were built on who we were as women and individuals. We are not what we have, or what we do. We are more then that. We were not defined by our jobs, relationships or children. We were not labeled. Friendships were formed at a higher level. I didn’t know if the attendees were married, had children or what they did for a career. It didn’t matter. I got to know their amazing true selves!”  Stacy M – 2011 Attendee

“Last year my daughter, my mom and I attended the inaugural weekend of the Simply Blossoming Retreat, not knowing what to expect or frankly whether it was our “thing”. Who could have imagined that after a weekend of connecting with fabulous women (& to our authentic selves), yoga & meditation (both firsts for two of the three of us), great food, crafting, laughing/snorting (you know who you are), dancing & zumba-ing (like no one was watching), singing (like no one could hear us), creative writing, campfiring, walking and wine drinking (not at the same time)  — that we’d end the weekend wishing it wasn’t over and already looking forward to the next year. It is truly difficult to convey in words what the experience was like, you kind of have to experience it for yourself – – like being in love, you can’t really get it til you are in it. It’s a wonderful gift to your soul – – everyone should do it at least once – – or every year…alone or with any of the important women in your life. Your spirit will thank you!” Colleen C – 2011 Attendee


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