Beautiful Words

We never know how an experience can change and shift our lives and one of our beautiful Sponsors, Michelle Lockwood, articulated her experience with such eloquence, we asked her permission to share it here. Please enjoy!

“A few months back I was working hard on Facebook (snort), when a chat window popped up. The ever-bubbly Laurel Crossley and Cathy Thompson were inviting Passion Parties by Michelle to be a sponsor at the 2nd annual Simply Blossoming retreat. As a sponsor I would be assigned a cabin which I could decorate any way I wished.

After reading through their website and checking out the agenda, I agreed. I packed my SUV, grabbed my dear friend Linzi, and off we went to Haliburton!

Our destination for the weekend was Camp Wanikita. This rustic YMCA camp located on Koshlong Lake sprawls across 1,000 acres of nature’s beauty. Over the weekend, the group of approximately 60 women bunked together between 6 log cabins, dined together in the main dining hall, and attended scheduled workshops.

My first workshop was the “Soul Writing Workshop” by Selina Ekersall. It was here that I was asked the question “Why did I come to Simply Blossoming?”.

I was surprised at how difficult it was to actually answer that question. Women all around me put pen to paper, while I sat and tapped my pen on my nose. Why? WHY?  And then it hit me. I wasn’t really being honest about why I was there.  It was so much easier to hide behind the sparkly PASSION PARTIES t-shirt and giggles about the products I had brought up with me, than it was to admit that I needed this retreat personally more than my “business” did.

It was at that moment I committed my heart and soul to the weekend.

Over the next 48 hours, I sang, clutched my meditation rock and breathed deeply, stood on a bench and mimed actions in thanks for the food we were about to eat.

I strolled through the woods in the rain, and didn’t care how frizzy my hair was going to be afterwards. I hugged puppies and hugged new friends. Applauded loudly, laughed till I cried, and cried till my soul felt lighter.

I also drank wine, ate delicious food, danced, and shared ghost stories.

And most importantly, I opened my mind and belief system wider than I ever have. For you see, Meditation, Energy Channeling, and spirits from the beyond are all new concepts to me, and it was absolutely fascinating to listen and learn from the other women as they shared their experiences.

As I drove home Sunday afternoon, I took a deep breath and noticed something different. I no longer felt weighed down by the pressures of the labels life had given me….Mother…..Wife…..Business Owner……I now felt at peace with who I am. Simply Blossoming is dedicated to helping women re-connect with themselves, Mind, Body and Spirit, and that, I definitely did.

See you ladies in 2013!”


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