Pretty Little Cookie by Tania Gasparotto

DSC_5050Pretty Little Cookie
January 2014
I’ve often found that one of the most challenging parts of life is getting our dreams off the ground and running.  I’m not sure if that’s because sometimes our dreams seem too far off the ground to reach them, or as in my case, if it’s because that fear of failure seems to follow us around like a dark cloud hovering over every dream we have for ourselves…until one day a pretty little cookie fell into my world and showed me that any dream is possible…
It all started with an empowering retreat, a splendid conversation, a pretty little cookie, a simple post and yes, a dream. I should mention that it also started with two very inspiring and creative women, Laurel and Cathy, who happened to stumble across that simple post and believed in my writing a little more than I did. Take all of the above ingredients, add a pinch of personal faith and a giant teaspoon of “just jump in” and poof, here I am today, blogging for Simply Blossoming, embarking on a new journey. It’s a new year! It’s a new me! It’s time to make that dream finally come true.  Little did I know that dream would come with the giving and receiving of one pretty little cookie…
Parental Felicity – Simply Blossoming
Last night after picking the kids up from their dads, I had some time to hang out with my daughter…well she hovered around me as I unpacked my nature inhaled clothing. In her curiously sweet voice, she asked “how was your weekend in nature mummy?” (she knows at times I struggle with being outdoors in the wild – please, no comments from cabin 45). “It was absolutely fabulous babe,” I replied. “Like the show?” she asked. “Like the show,” I replied. She glanced over at my journals and books and then it happened…her eyes fixing on a pretty little cellophane wrapped treat…”what’s that mummy? Is that a cookie?” “It is,” I replied. She went on to say how pretty it was, how special to have a cookie made especially for me, and asked what I did when I was away, etc. After spending a solid 30 mins talking about it she plopped down on my bed and said “mummy, I can’t wait til it’s my turn to go to Simply Blossoming…maybe you could ask the leaders if they could do a simply blossoming junior…” I smiled, “never hurts to ask…” and then as if on cue I knew what the next question out of her precious mouth would be…”Are you going to eat that cookie mummy?” I replied with a heartfelt smile, “you can have it…but give half to your brother.” And in that moment my heart filled with this incredible sense of completion. That’s our next generation of Simply Blossoming women…WOW was all I could feel…

16 thoughts on “Pretty Little Cookie by Tania Gasparotto

  1. Spending time with your kids does not have to cost a lot of money. Just having these special little chats mean so much. You quickly start to realize, that time goes by so fast, and it is those little moments which mean the most. Great post.

  2. Thank you for sharing , I too am so inspired by your writing and am excited to follow along the Simply Blossoming Blog – I have attended all 3 years and all i can say is magic………………yes its pure magic is what I feel xo

  3. What a powerful moment with your daughter! I can feel myself immersed in your conversation with her. You must be beyond proud of that moment of her seeing the change in you, that you brought home to her (besides that pretty cookie) You are inspiring her Tania! Beautifully written!! 🙂

  4. Well written blog Tania, I never had girls only boys but, felt it was always important to have your child’s attention esp. If they are curious and talk. Seize the moments now as when they are teenagers they are too busy doing their thing. But, she will remember the early talks and will feel she can talk with ease to you if and when she needs it.

  5. Tania you have the power to write so beautifully . Love ready this and you are right it never hurts to ask I so can see you beautiful girl write like mummy. I’m so happy for you.

  6. It’s amazing what a ” pretty little cookie” can do- its that special moment that guides us in moving forward a little closer to what we want from life, and what a treat to know how we can influence those around us along our journey- great post! Looking forward to more 🙂

  7. Tania, I loved reading this (now and when you previously posted it). It is beautifully written. As I read the conversation between you and your daughter, I felt like I was there, and as a new mommy, look forward to having moments like this with my daughter. This made me smile. I hope that as you follow your dream, you to see what Laurel and Cathy saw in your words…….dream big!!

  8. It’s amazing how children inspire you to go on and go forward when you feel stuck and your wheels are spinning. Tania, you eloquently wrote the about those special moments that are shared between a mother and her daughter. Those special moments are the reason we have children. It triggers an awesome, unrelenting feeling of complete devotion and desire to protect such perfect innocence and pure love that we would instantly lie down our lives to protect them. This is the true meaning of “Motherhood” and you captured that with your writing! Fantastic!

  9. Heartwarming and touching… always. It certainly made me want to learn more about Simply Blossoming and what inspired you to write such tender words. Keep writing and reaching out…..people are listening.

  10. This piece is so inspiring that I’ve read it multiple times. It serves as a reminder of how quickly our children grow up. It has truly inspired me to hold my daughter a little closer and to express to her what a lovely gift she has been.

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