Sisterhood Redefined by Tania Gasparotto


Since she was old enough to ask the questions, Iz has always been fascinated with the different stories of my life, but the one story that has captured her attention the most is the story of my “Sister”- my Best Friend.  It is a friendship I have carried in my heart for 35 years and know it will carry me to the end of my life.  The other day Iz and I were sitting on a comfy couch waiting for her brother to finish his guitar lesson.

As we sat there she asked me to tell her my forever friend story. After telling her my story, AGAIN, I decided to ask her a few questions on what sisterhood meant to her.  “Well,” she said, taking in a deep breath (she was getting serious), “I think it means having someone in your life that you can have fun with. They don’t have to be in your family to be your sister, it means being a good friend, being grateful and respectful, it means talking to them when you are happy and when you are sad. It means finding someone you can be cool with, together.”

We sat there a little longer and her list kept growing and growing. I was certain she had hit the nail on the head. She went on to tell me that with some friends “you just know in here (pointing to her heart) that they are going to be your forever friend, that’s why its important to keep your eyes open all the time”. I sat there engulfed in her dialogue.

Our conversation made me realize one very important part of friendship that I had somehow overlooked. Maybe not all friends are meant to last forever. I mean realistically how can they? Maybe we try too hard to keep all of our friends even though some friends just change or stop bringing out the best in us. We grow apart without being able to find our way back. Maybe we need these transient friendships that don’t last to help us sift through the messiness of life in order to get to the heart of what really matters? To help us recognize the friendships that do mean the most to us, the one’s worth holding on to forever. Thanks Iz for teaching me something new.


8 thoughts on “Sisterhood Redefined by Tania Gasparotto

  1. I think you both hit the nail on the head! For some reason, we accept that romantic relationships end , yet we have a much more difficult time admitting that there are some friendships out there that we also outgrow and need to let go of. Despite this fact, it doesn’t undermine the importance of that friendship during its existence. All our friendships play a part in who we are today and as a result, what we have to offer in our current friendships. A very good reason why all our “sisters” should be celebrated and remembered fondly:) Thanks Tania for sharing this very honest perspective on the topic. Love it!

  2. Thank you Tania for sharing your beautifully written words. I was just today thinking about a 38yr friendship that in recent years lead us in different directions. I was initially saddened by this “loss” but comforted knowing that although the dynamics of this friendship have changed, so far, we have always been able to pick up the phone and catch up as though we’d not missed a beat. No matter how much or how little we interact, this is a friendship I will cherish. Thanks again for sharing these little moments 🙂

  3. Once again I am moved by your words and have found myself reflecting. I have been very fortunate to have my sister who is my forever friend, and to have just a few “sisters” that are like family and forever friends. It truly is a gift and I treasure them each and every day. It is my role to ensure my daughter understands the meaning of a forever friend and how life changing these friendships truly are. Thank you my forever friend Tania and Iz!!!! You words continue to inspire me!

  4. Tan, you have a very wise daughter. I love hearing about the conversations you and Iz have. Something that made me think…was the part when you said that friendships change and that’s ok. We can’t hold onto to everyone. I think it’s important to nurture only those relationships that truly bring us joy. That we don’t stick around out of a sense of obligation. I know that now, and I truly value those people that I consider my true friends. Thanks again Tan & Iz !

  5. People come into our lives for a reason or a season. They fill needs during the various stages of our lives. And then, if we are fortunate, we meet people with whom we connect, who bring out the best in us. These are the women who become our sister friends.
    Thank you Tania for reminding us to seek people who bring out the best in us – not the stress in us.

  6. I love reading your blogs Tania…. I feel so good after reading your words. You open up my eyes on life..relationships, how I look at myself.. I thank you for that….

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments between you & Iz.

  7. I believe the individuals that enter our lives that become our friends is not a coincidence…
    I, too, have a friend of 35 years, and her friendship “will carry me to the end of my life”. Along the way we have enhanced each others lives and shared many experiences in our mutual journey together. Thank you friend, for this inspirational blog!

  8. Here here sistas!

    After ‘breaking up’ with my very best friend recently – this post found ME today. My actual ‘sister sister’ said to me after this break up – “sometimes friends come into our life to serve a purpose”, and that is what that friendship did for me. It served it’s purpose – helped my best friend and I through our divorce tribultaions, and the start of our lives as single moms. We both flourished from it, and I am comfortable to now move on – knowing that our lives have taken paths. Thanks for this great message….it touched me, and I needed it.

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