BIG NEWS from Simply Blossoming Headquarters!!


Hello Blossoms!!!

Cathy and Laurel have some really BIG news to share which is why we have chosen an image of Binu dancing!! They are moving and shaking and shifting things up for the Blossoms!! I guess they are Blossoms-a-go-go!! SO much to share, SO much more coming!!! And they couldn’t be MORE excited!! So here goes …

  • Laurel and Cathy will no longer be hosting monthly workshops BECAUSE ….. they have brought on board 2 brand spanking new Blossombassadors (Simply Blossoming Ambassadors) who will be running workshops in the Oakville and Richmond Hill areas starting in April!
  • Cathy and Laurel are actively seeking Blossombassadors to spread the Simply Blossoming word, nationally and internationally so if you know of someone that would be PERFECT let them know and of course, if this sounds like YOU, let them know too!
  • Laurel and Cathy are currently offering My Magnificent Self as a pilot project so that they can use it as a foundation for research on how to best support Women, mind, body and spirit
  • Cathy and Laurel are actively seeking speaking opportunities to organizations and community groups that would be interested in hearing their story of how Simply Blossoming came to be
  • We are ACTIVELY taking registration for our 2014 Retreat so please feel free to register now

Well this is all the news for now from Simply Blossoming! We’d love to hear from you if you have more ideas and thoughts about this expansion!!


Cathy, Laurel and The Simply Blossoming Team



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