The Perfect Gift by Laurel Crossley

Laurel and Cathy hugging

The Perfect Gift

Crazy busy lives often means that we are unaware of the sweet, beautiful moments that surround us every day. The smile from a stranger when your eyes meet, holding the door open for someone whose arms are full, little secrets shared by the wee one’s in our life.  These moments are fleeting and if one isn’t paying attention, these moments are lost. A few months back, it was holiday time and I was desperately searching for “the perfect gift” for my Simply Blossoming business partner.

As many of you are aware, we share a significant, special bond – that of Sisters. Although we are not related by blood, we know we have a past life together that pretty much emulates our life together today. In our past life I was the older (and bossier) Sister, convincing her to tag along on epic journeys (as epic as they could be in the 1800’s) as the tomboy that was constantly looking for adventure. We went to places, did things and visited people that we were forbidden to go, do and see.

In this life I am forever searching for adventure, coming up with massive ideas and my patient Sister is forever reeling me back in. I have learned SO much from her but what she has taught me the most is to truly value and honour who I am and how precious the bond of Sisterhood is.

It was in this headspace/mindset I set off on the journey to find the “perfect gift”. I went online and looked up Sister-stuff, reviewed thousands of cards, I visited stores searching high and low. Nothing and I mean NOTHING accurately described the sentiment or celebrated our Sister relationship.  Of course I didn’t share any of this with my Sister until a few days ago ….. When I told dear, sweet Sister Cathy that I had such a difficult time finding her the perfect gift (we were on the phone discussing some business), there was a brief pause and then she said, “don’t you know, you ARE my perfect gift.”  And THAT was her perfect gift to me.


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