Finding your Bliss to truly Blossom


At first glance, Blissdom for us Blossoms was going to be “another conference” where we would chat up the Simply Blossoming annual women’s retreat to new people.

Jennifer Powell @HartGalla and I go back a few years and has participated in our #vinonvisions events. Cathy and I were THRILLED to learn that Jennifer and Shannon Mischuk @shasherslife had partnered on their Blissdom Adventure as Cathy and I wre embarking on our “coming out” event for Simply Blossoming!

In every corridor and around every corner were squeals of recognition, giant squishy hugs and 2 – 5 minute delicious micro conversations. Conversations around the first love of our sons and grandsons including acts of chivalry – thank you Sara and Evelyn for that. The delectable excitement and chatter about new ideas percolating after attending recent workshops. Giggles and fond memories of dating my first boyfriend (now husband) and driving in his new Camaro with the amazing ladies from GM of whom 1 recognized me from another event (they snuck us in so we could test drive the Camaro – UNSUPERVISED!!)

Cathy and I were rather astounded due to the sheer numbers of ladies how deeply the connections and our connection were felt! As we reflected upon the journey from attending Blissdom to orchestrating Simply Blossoming a few weeks later, we felt the same, deeply rooted connections.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are or your belief system. The simple fact is, when you build a community that focuses on supporting the entire self, mind, body and spirit, that thread of continuity and deep connection will naturally and beautifully evolve into bonds of friendship that last a lifetime.


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