What Do I Do Now?!?!? Post-Retreat Success! by Laurel Crossley


Post-retreat fall out … it happens with any life-changing, person-altering experiences we are exposed to. It may feel like sadness, a dense fog, a vacillation between euphoria and hysteria; quite simply a myriad of complex emotional experiences. As an event organizer and professional speaker, I am not exempt or immune to these emotions either. In fact, how my “audiences” respond alters my life even more dramatically as I must purposefully align my communication with each audience I experience and I experience all those emotions along with each audience member.

Its no surprise, then, I had to/have to do some serious work AFTER each of these experiences including Simply Blossoming and I was actually guided to write this post for the Blossom community to share what I do to support my self.

I meditate on what areas of self need to be addressed. Sometimes it’s my physical body, some time it’s my super emotional brain that needs TLC and sometimes my spiritual self goes wandering off into the woods to frolic in the ferns … just got a hilarious visual there … ha ha ha!!

I take action and find people that can help to get me back on track. If I don’t know anyone specifically, I reach out to any member of the Blossom community which amazingly has a HUGE pool of resource people that can help out. The Blossoms are “magic”!

I pay attention to any residual responses my physical, emotional or spiritual form may be “hollering” at me as I move throughout the day. It’s amazing what our “selves” tell us each and every day to remind us to take great care of our self.

So, what did I do post SB 2015 Retreat??

I went for a facial – to release the tension in my facial muscles and planned a night away with my husband to one of my FAVE sacred places to go – The Oban Inn on Niagara-on-the-Lake. The energy there has supported me since childhood and it’s my go to place for relaxation.

I booked a channeled reiki session with Deb Harding ( our SB Meditation guru) and she did a HUGE karma release and energy rebalancing. You may contact Deb at sacredvibrations@gmail.com

In past years I have booked a massage session with Ani (this year’s meal time challenge Lovey) and a chakra rebalancing session with Laura Reid (our Yoga instructor) as I am very connected to her indigenous work. Laura may be contacted at riantecreative@gmail.com

The bottom line is, when you process as much as we do at Simply Blossoming, it is VERY important to be patient and allow the energies and content to flow naturally. I’ll keep you posted on what I will be guided to do next and in the meantime, if you’d like to book a private, one-to-one session with “Ole Auntie Laurel” to assist you with your processing, please reach out! laurel@opti-mom.ca

If you want to hang out MORE with the Blossoms, consider purchasing a membership with your retreat gift certificate – yahoo!!




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