ON Speakers and Workshop Providers

The 2016 ON Lineup

We are thrilled to share with you the 2016 Simply Blossoming Retreat Speakers and Workshop Providers!

Keynote Talk – “Thar She Blows! – Learning to deal with life’s little explosions!”

As you navigate through the “sea of life”, sometimes little explosions can set you of course affecting “your story”.  Some of us implode, others explode and yet another group of us get on the lifeboat ne’er to be seen again! Adrienne Pringle, Music Therapist and Laurel Crossley, Life Coach have had their fair share of “explosions” over the past few years as they’ve navigated their independent journey’s of life!
Listen,  laugh and learn as they incorporate improvisation, music and meditation into “Thar She Blows”! Learn to stay the course (no more rowing with one oar!), navigate the sea (avoiding   tidal waves, hurricanes and whale tails!) crew the ship (no more ship of fools for you, Lady!) and get to your destination (looking like you’ve just arrived from a dinner at the captain’s table!)!


Key Note Speakers – Laurel Crossley and Adrienne Pringle 

Between them, Adrienne and Laurel have over 60 years of performance and speaking experience – Laurel with theatre and motivational speaking, and Adrienne with performance and public speaking.

Laurel's new headshotFor over 30 years, Laurel Crossley has made her mark as a hilarious on-stage performer, powerful adult educator and speaker on the subjects of living life to the fullest, mindfulness and meditation. Her current focus is on teaching mindfulness and meditation to organizations, community groups, preschools and schools. One of her missions is to empower families and their children to help alleviate anxiety and worry through mindfulness and meditation.

Laurel has been facilitating workshops using the process of meditation to unlock future visions to help Clients take dreams and turn them into realities. She currently focuses her meditation teachings to Children to help empower and keep them true to their light. Her programs Meditating Munchkins and LMAO – Laughing My Anxiety Off are offered both on and offline to community groups and organizations, private and public schools as well as preschools. Children believe she is a “real” faerie …..

Adrienne 2Adrienne Pringle has worked as a music therapist for 15 years specializing in voice work, wellness, hospice and bereavement care. She has completed GIM (Guided Imagery and Music) Training level 1. Her gentle, loving and therapeutic approach is instrumental in helping clients release vocal constraints (perceived or real) while working toward a more powerful and authentic voice.

She currently works as a Music Therapist for Carpenter Hospice, runs her own private practice Soul Song Music and is the Co-Founder and Music Director for Beyond the Studio.

They’re BACK …… Opening and Closing Ceremonies – Laurel Crossley & Adrienne Pringle

The beautiful intertwining of powerful meditation, vocal stylings and acoustic accompaniment creates a magical experience for the Guests of Simply Blossoming as Laurel and Adrienne combine their talents as an amazing duet. Laurel’s meditations, incredible on their own are heightened by Adrienne’s  emotionally moving guitar and vocals to bring the Blossoms to a new level of visualization. Together they help the audience capture the magic that is Simply Blossoming!

11391534_10153236432855795_8829123076039641368_nKirstie Smallman – Nia Session During Recess
Kirstie Smallman- Blue Belt Certification – Nia® Instructor, Ageless Grace Educator®, Montessori Teacher
Kirstie has been dancing and moving all her life and having lived all over the world, has experienced many different forms of physical expression; jazz, ballet, tap, modern, salsa, Taekwondo, Tai Chi, Yoga, and musical theatre.
Kirstie has been practicing Nia for 15 years now and it has seemed as if her life’s journey has been preparing her for sharing Nia with others all along! Her philosophy is the physical body we inhabit is designed as a highly sensitive sensory machine offering us guidance through sensations like, pain means stop and change or adjust, and pleasure means keep going and explore! According to Martha Graham, dance is the hidden language of the soul; therefore making time for dancing is allowing time for your soul to communicate… to you, to others, or just for the sake of expression as a way to release, and experience LIVING in a body. Kirstie guides people in her Nia classes with the intention of providing a safe and freeing space to BE, to explore new patterns of movement, to pump the lymphatic system to physically help release toxins from your body, and to emotionally and spiritually connect with Self and others in a supportive (and giggly) community.

Melissa S Photo

Melissa Siepmann – “From Dark to Dazzling – Creating your Life Plan!

Once upon a time there was a woman – or shall we say a mere shadow of a woman. She wore her hair pulled back in a severe bun, she wore black to every occasion, her head apologetically lowered to avoid eye contact. She buried herself in work and she hid from humanity so no one knew the daily darkness that surrounded her……

Once upon a time that dark darling attended an event that promoted a new vision – a vision of becoming a Dazzling Diva and although it frightened her, she “knew” it was her destiny ….

She worked vigilantly on herself, she attended classes and courses, she met new friends, she let down her hair (literally) and she began to reveal the new Dazzling woman that was always deep inside her dark self …

Her transformation was noticed by everyone including random strangers on the street who now smiled and said hello – they had previously walked right by her not acknowledging she was there. And yet ….. there was still something “missing”.  She had this deep seeded need to live a life of travel and adventure – something she hadn’t done before.  And this is where the story truly begins!

Once upon a time there was a dazzling woman who dared to pursue adventure and travel with passion. She dared to let her hair down, tell her story and inspire others how to do the same, She decided to live her life in full colour, dazzling others with her brilliant formula on overcoming personal barriers and limiting beliefs. And she teaches others how to make the leap from Dark to Dazzling. This workshop will help YOU create the dazzling life you deserve! What are YOU waiting for!!

Melissa Siepmann – Holistic Therapist, World Traveler, Thrill Seeker

Melissa is truly happiest when helping others improve their health and well-being through her reiki and Indian Head Massage practice.  She loves to inspire others and is passionate about sharing the story of how she changed her life. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys hiking, meditation, spending time with loved ones and has made it her life goal to live each and every day to its fullest.


Selina Eckersall-McCall – “There’s a Story Inside of You– Creating Your Story  through words! 

Everyone has an experience in life that can be healing, inspiring or beneficial to others. Perhaps you got in the best shape of your life, battled cancer, healed yourself through meditation, learned to forgive others, or went through a long term challenge with your child’s education. Each of us has a “story” inside of us just waiting to get out. When you share your story with others it can be tremendously healing to you, but can also touch the hearts of many and potentially help a lot of people in the process. What story do you have inside of you? And how can you best share it? In this workshop we will share our profound past experiences with each other and explore the many ways we can share our stories with others, whether it’s through writing, video, public speaking, or art. Your story deserves to be told.


Selina Jane Eckersall is a published author and ghostwriter of several non-fiction books about success, positive thinking, spirituality, health, and financial wellness. A reiki master and creative entrepreneur, Selina spends her time focused on the business of creativity and pushing the boundaries of possibility. As the executive director of a non-profit arts organization called No Vacancy Art, the Vice Chair of the Art Gallery of Burlington and the owner of several businesses – Selina concentrates on building community, inspiring others, and being of service. Selina is educated in marketing and focuses her career on content and storytelling for businesses, brands and people.

“Endnote” Talk – “Your BIG Picture”! – Wrapping up the Simply Blossoming 2016 Retreat!”

You’ve worked hard this weekend, met new people, made new friendships. You’re thinking about your crew, used your compass and you can literally feel the excitement brewing in the possibilities, destinations and visions you have for yourself! You’ve set your sights on new adventures and you’ve figured out your story …. It’s time … time to go bigger – bigger than you ever thought possible….
Cathy and Laurel, Co-Founders of Simply Blossoming, will share their story of Simply Blossoming – how it went from a seed to a sapling to a beautiful blossoming tree. They’ll lead you through a series of meditations, visualizations and mind blowing activities to help you unleash the power of you! Dream big and think bigger and walk away with “Your Big Picture!”
“Endnote” Speakers – Cathy Thompson and Laurel Crossley
Cathy Thompson and Laurel Crossley, officially founded Simply Blossoming in 2010 when they offered their first annual women’s retreat in 2010. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with … NEVER holding back on their vision of supporting women!! Their expansion into BC this fall has only further proven their determination of expanding Simply Blossoming to the global marketplace!


Cathy ThompsonCathy Thompson – Co-Founder, Simply Blossoming 

Cathy uses her ability to foster relationships in combination with her knowledge, experience and leadership to inspire others. Having co-founded Simply Blossoming, Cathy has been on her own journey of self-discovery through the multitudes of workshops and events she has hosted. She has learned the true power of love and gratitude and uses it to achieve her goals. She loves to teach others how to simply change perspective in order to change their world.

Cathy Thompson is a successful entrepreneur, having founded and co-founded 6 organizations, created and authored an international depression-prevention program for young women through CAMH and has been featured in two books about inspirational women. Cathy is a mom to two amazing children in elementary school who are exploring their own passions in the fields of baseball and acting.

Laurel's new headshot

Laurel Crossley – Co-Founder, Simply Blossoming 

For over 30 years, Laurel Crossley has made her mark as a hilarious on-stage performer, powerful adult educator and speaker on the subjects of living life to the fullest, mindfulness and meditation. Her work with Simply Blossoming truly began when she shared with Cathy her workshop, “Vino ‘N Visions”. Cathy recognized the value in supporting women through this workshop and the rest, as they say, is history!

Laurel uses the process of meditation and visualization to help workshop participants and Clients take their dreams and visions and turn them into reality.

me heart

Laura Reid – Morning Yoga Sessions

Laura Reid –  Yoga Instructor, Digital and Spiritual Guide

Laura Reid is a Digital and Spiritual Guide. A self proclaimed “Spiritual Geek”, Laura’s programs and services integrate function and empowerment. In the online world, Laura supports change making entrepreneurs and organizations in creating a digital presence that communicates their purpose.

Laura Reid’s philosophy is that business and life are intrinsically, holistically connected and that you are a multi-dimensional being, not just a simplified brand. Laura offers empowering workshops and programs that unite mind, body and spirit in creating your meaningful life and powerful business.


2015-12-04 00.18.27 (1)
Debra Harding – Morning Meditation Sessions
Debra Harding – Meditation Instructor, Intuitive Teacher, Spirit Messenger, & Reiki Master

Debra Harding is a gifted Reiki Master/Teacher, energy translator, channeler, meditation facilitator and writer.  She loves life, and finds overwhelming joy in sharing her journey along the spiritual path.

In 1995, Debra attended the Siddha Yoga Ashram in the New York Catskill Mountains, where she had a profound experience immersed in meditation.  The gifts she acquired there are evident today as she leads deeply moving guided group meditations.

In 2004, Sacred Vibrations was formed, and all of the services Debra provides assist her clients in the expansion of being.  She also founded the Inspired Hearts Meditation Group in 2009, inviting people to gather together on a regular basis to meditate, communicate soul to soul, and sit in peace with each other.