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Keynote Speaker

DSC_9656laurel7bwLaurel Crossley, B.A., Professional Speaker, Life Coach, Certified Adult Educator
“What’s Love Got To Do With It?  – It has EVERYTHING to do with it!”

What HAS love got to do with our ability to love ourselves and others? The ability to love ourselves and ultimately others begins well before we arrive on this earth as we nestle sweetly within the safety and security of our mother’s body.  The mental health of our mothers and their ability to bond with us in a loving manner is dramatic and consequential as we move through conception, delivery and early childhood!

Laurel will share with us the fantastic journey of how much impact the love we are exposed to helps us to find and foster loving and nurturing relationships with self and other! So what does love have to do with it? It has EVERYTHING to do with it

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Class Instructors


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Debra Harding, Reiki Master and Teacher, Meditation Facilitator, Writer

Debra Harding loves life, and finds overwhelming joy in sharing her journey along the spiritual path.

In 1995, Debra attended the Siddha Yoga Ashram in the New York Catskill Mountains, where she had a profound experience immersed in meditation.  The gifts she acquired there are evident today as she leads deeply moving guided group meditations.

In 2004, Sacred Vibrations was formed, and all of the services Debra provides assist her clients in the expansion of being.  She also founded the Inspired Hearts Meditation Group in 2009, inviting people to gather together on a regular basis to meditate, communicate soul to soul, and sit in peace with each other.

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me heart
Laura (Reid) Kooji –  Yoga Instructor, Educator, Author and Spiritual Guide

Laura Reid is a Digital and Spiritual Guide. A self proclaimed “Spiritual Geek”, Laura’s programs and services integrate function and empowerment. In the online world, Laura supports change making entrepreneurs and organizations in creating a digital presence that communicates their purpose.

Laura Reid’s philosophy is that business and life are intrinsically, holistically connected and that you are a multi-dimensional being, not just a simplified brand. Laura offers empowering workshops and programs that unite mind, body and spirit in creating your meaningful life and powerful business.

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Workshop Providers

Adrienne 2

Adrienne Pringle, CMTA, CRPO
“Feel the Love: Experience your heart song!”
In this workshop you will connect to your breath, your body, your voice and your heart.  Prepare to explore sound in a kind, safe, warm environment.
You will be surprised by the healing space you create when you connect to your true heart, release your heart song, and witness the sounds of others. “If music be the food of love, play on” – Shakespeare

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Heidi Martin, Certified Yoga Teacher, Energy Medicine Therapist, Reiki Master and Life Coach 
“Loving Your Inner Child!”

Have you hidden your inner child away?  In order to feel love we need to bring our inner child essence back into the world. The inner child needs to heal.  She needs to come out and play.  She needs to be alive and full of Spirit.  Healing the inner child is one of the most empowering things we can do for our own personal transformation and to fully feel love.  Join Heidi’s Feel Love workshop and let her  help you connect and communicate with your inner child.

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Tamika Auwai, Life Coach, Intuitive, Certified Angel Card Reader
“Sparking Your Self-Love Revolution!” 
Feeling like you’ve disconnected from loving yourself?
Unsure how to attract loving people to your life that support you unconditionally?
Need to ignite that spark of self- love revolution?
Coach Tamika will guide you on a sassy, sparkly, magical journey to reconnect to your sassy self! All it takes are 3 simple, daily practices to invite unconditional love from others and grow your love of you!

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Kirstie Smallman, Certified Chakradance™ Instructor, Certified Nia Instructor,  

“CHAKRADANCE™ is a well-being movement practice. It uses spontaneous dance, to specific chakra-resonant music, for the purpose of healing and re-tuning your whole energy system.

The purpose of Chakradance is simple, if ambitious: to help you to more fully embody your soul.

At the heart of Chakradance is the music. For all of us, the seven major chakras are the energetic gateways through which body, mind and spirit come together, literally embodying the soul.

On one level, Chakradance can be experienced as a joyful affirmation of who you truly are. Using spontaneous dance, creativity and your imagination, it leads to an awakening, a discovery of your true self.”  But at a deeper level, Chakradance is also about healing and balance. By surrendering to the music of each chakra, we dance from the inside out and find ourselves awakening and healing ancient hurts; expressing – often for the first time – long-blocked emotions; and opening ourselves up to levels of spiritual connection higher than we ever thought possible.

This is what we mean when we describe Chakradance™ as “rhythm for your soul”.

Let Kirstie take you on a magical, musical movement journey to recalibrate, reenergize and rebalance your body, mind and spirit!

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Andrea Kovacs, Artist, Reiki Master and Holistic Coach
“Unearthing Creativity!”
Unearthing Creativity will help you discover and uncover your energetic attachment to the planet and self. Andrea Kovacs will guide this unique, meditative-artistic process as you explore your connection to Mother Earth. Using an outdoor, guided meditation (weather permitting) and collecting of Mother Nature’s treasures, you will combine it to create a beautiful piece of art using various artistic medias. The result will be a deeper understanding of the link of your souls energy to the planet and others.

Amanda Bolger, Motivational Speaker
“Loving the Body You’re In!”

Many women struggle with body image beginning very early in life. Amanda is no exception. Her journey from triathlete to injured triathlete, complicated by a diagnosis of osteoarthritis took her down a path of intense and profound emotions resulting in discoveringwhat it meant to love the body she was in!

Join Amanda for a session of self-discovery on just what it means to love our bodies unconditionally! She will take you on your own journey of unlocking  a new appreciation of loving yourself utilizing numerous techniques and strategies to get you on the path of loving the body you’re in!

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Cathy Thompson, Franchisor and Entrepreneur
“It Starts with a Whisper: Connecting Inward to Expand your Business”

Join Cathy for this interactive workshop to dig into your business expansion by connecting with your inner self. This workshop is for ladies who are at the start of their entrepreneurial journey; whether it’s just an idea or you have an established business that you want to expand. Cathy will help you bring all of the learnings from the Simply Blossoming Retreat together in order to feel confident with taking the next steps to help your business grow.



Fataneh MacKenzie, Master Hypnotherapist
“Unlocking Your Ability to Love!”
Sometimes we cannot figure out why we push love from our lives instead of attracting it. Many of us have hidden, deep, intergenerational reasons for not allowing love into our lives DESPITE all the workshops, coaching, or classes we take. Sometimes we need to go deeper to release those old patterns, thoughts and thinking to allow love. Through a deep hypnosis process, Fataneh will access and remove the blocks to assist you in unlocking love. Learn to foster self love, access the energy of you inner spark, find and allow pure joy from others to enter your life any time you need it!


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