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Laurel Crossley

Laurel is a B.A. Speaker, Life Coach, Parent Educator and Mindfulness ExpertShe has over 20 years of Family Coaching experience supporting parents and children on topics related to stress, worry, anxiety, mindfulness and meditation. She is a highly sought after Speaker on the topics of self-development, parenting, and child development, having been interviewed and featured in several publications including The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Chatelaine Magazine, and Today’s Parent. She is also a regular guest on many television and radio programs. Laurel recently discovered her voice which she had believed had been lost due to her long career as a speaker but through some vocal work with Adrienne has begun to create improvisational music pieces to complement her meditations. 

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Adrienne 2


Adrienne Pringle

Adrienne Pringle is a certified MTA, Registered Psychotherapist, and current President of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists (CAMT).  As a music therapist for 17 years Adrienne specializes in therapeutic voice work, hospice and bereavement care. Adrienne’s gentle, loving and therapeutic approach is instrumental in helping clients work towards finding their powerful and authentic voice, releasing both physical and emotional limitations. Adrienne facilitates community singing groups in cancer support, bereavement, and for individuals who love to sing and are searching to find their sound. Adrienne is the co-founder of Sing it Girls! a group vocal program for girls age 7-12 to build self-esteem,confidence and strong voices offered across southern Ontario. Adrienne currently works as the Music Therapist for Carpenter Hospice, as well as in her private practice Soul Song Music and is the Co-Founder and Music Director for Beyond the Studio and Sing it Girls!

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Sasha Walsh

Sasha is certified through Rainbow Kids Yoga children’s and Power of Yoga Canada yoga programs. She has been teaching her Jai Yoga classes for the last 4 years, which she designed for Kids with Special Needs in collaboration with the Project Autism Canada Community. This has progressed into classes that are equal parts Yoga, Therapy and Play in her now sold out Parent and Child classes.

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Debra Harding

Debra Harding is a gifted Reiki Master/Teacher, energy translator, channeler, meditation facilitator and writer.  She loves life, and finds overwhelming joy in sharing her journey along the spiritual path.

In 1995, Debra attended the Siddha Yoga Ashram in the New York Catskill Mountains, where she had a profound experience immersed in meditation.  The gifts she acquired there are evident today as she leads deeply moving guided group meditations.

In 2004, Sacred Vibrations was formed, and all of the services Debra provides assist her clients in the expansion of being.  She also founded the Inspired Hearts Meditation Group in 2009, inviting people to gather together on a regular basis to meditate, communicate soul to soul, and sit in peace with each other.

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Fataneh Mackenzie

For over 15 years, Fataneh has dedicated her career to supporting women through coaching and counselling. What she discovered personally was the she, herself needed to find coping mechanisms to support the stressors of the job. It was on that journey she discovered NLP Coaching, Meditation and Hypnotherapy which she not only used herself but began supporting her clients with these tools. She was amazed with dramatic results personally and within her profession helping others stay true to themselves and recognize their potential to help them make their dreams a reality!

1934317_896191667155199_4484625975833250547_n[1]Karen Sue-A-Quan
Our resident “science and spiritual fanatic”, Karen will facilitate this workshop on the importance of mindfulness + neuroscience as it affects our concept of self-love. Self-love is ESSENTIAL in pushing through self-doubt, negative self-talk and perceived barriers which take away from our inner divine light. Karen’s beautiful energy combined with hard core science will light your path to success! Karen is a mother of 3 teenage children and a wife to her best friend.  She is a pediatric ICU pharmacist at Sick Kids as well as a life coach with CTI.  She is a graduate from Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Whole Health Medicine Institute and is currently undergoing a 9 month certification on mindfulness and compassion training program with Sarana Institute.  Her experience with working in an intensive care unit gives her a unique perspective of the fragility, the preciousness and the magic of what Life has to offer.   Her passion for exploring mind, body and soul health from the perspectives of spirituality and science helps to build a bridge between these two pillars of perspectives whereby clients can cross back and forth.  Karen currently works with individuals, small groups, teams, and audiences as an educator, coach, and speaker on topics related to health and wellbeing/illness.

IMG_1911Barb Sotos

Barb’s passion is helping people reconnect their mind to their body by teaching individuals to discover their inner strength, embrace their individuality, and be comfortable with their imperfections.Guiding individuals to become aware of their emotions, identify their strengths and what truly brings them joy in order to live a life that brings them happiness, peace and is in alignment with what and who they are. Barb is a Certified Yoga Instructor. She has completed 200+hrs of Yoga Teacher Training through De La Sol in Hatha Vinyasa and Yin/Yang TT. She has also completed training in Kids Yoga through Yoga Rocks, Yoga with Weights through XenStrength and her Therapeutic Yoga Intensive with Susi Hately. She is an active member of the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

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IMG_9596Heidi Martin

Heidi’s passion in life is to empower people to love themselves and awaken to their true authentic spirit. Everyone is born with a special gift and purpose and she love’s helping others reclaim their own inner power. Living in the now, becoming aware and full of gratitude are some of the her keys to success. Her motto is, ” Invest in your life and always know YOU are worth it”!!
Certified 200HR Yoga Teacher
Certified Heal Your Life® Teacher, Life Coach and Teen Self-emPOWERment PlayShop Teacher, Trained with Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC, which has an exclusive license with Hay House Inc. Heidi is super thrilled to be part of bringing the first ever “Heal Your Life” Training Certification to Canada. Energy Therapist~Certified with Deborah King Life Force Energy Program 4 and Angels of Energy Program, Quantum Life Coach~Certified with Sandra Anne Taylor Reiki Master.
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Shelagh Cummins EditedShelagh Cummins
What’s holding YOU back from achieving business or career success? Are you working hard but not achieving the results? Do you want to work less and earn more by incorporating some simple strategies? Shelagh is the master of business development and will share her secrets of success! Shelagh is one kick-butt business coach that knows how to help take your profession or your business to the next level and beyond! She has taken her own business into orbit using the strategies she has developed and offers to her clients.

IMG_6936Binu Dhindsa

As a teenager, Binu was always active.  Playing sports as a kid led to becoming a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She learned how food and exercise together with mindfulness was the secret behind lasting physical health. Entering the 40s brought energy, metabolism, and digestive changes that affected her lifestyle, and body. Working with a holistic nutritionist, a life coach and a transformational fitness coach taught her how to stay nourished, keep illnesses away and feel her best. Her last few years has focused on nutrition, digestion, hormone balance, and exercises designed for women and men over 40, as well as the impact of stress on our bodies. She has gone on to study stress response and relaxation response at the Whole Health Medical Institute as her passion to help women and men has led her to connect stress with many aspect of life, including how we feed ourselves.  Binu has become a whole health ambassador, now teaching how our physical body is truly connected to many other areas of health in our lives, such as our mental health, our spiritual health, our relationships and our work life. Binu now teaches many people about mindfulness – how true awareness in all aspects of health can improve our current health state, one day at a time.

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Tamika Auwai

After a layoff, a baby, and an epiphany, Tamika Auwai, left the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship 7 years ago and hasn’t looked back…even after a failed first business left her young family with over $60K of debt. Instead, Tamika found the strength to pick herself up and began leveraging her intuition alongside her strategic marketing background to transform her life and business and help other big mission women do the same. Through her programs and mentoring, Tamika’s clients celebrate DRAMATIC SHIFTS. Shifts in how they approach growing their business and how they feel in the process — the real ‘secret’ to creating the fulfillment and financial abundance you desire. Along with being an Marketing Mentor, a sassy Leo, and a self care junkie, Tamika Auwai is also a wife and a mama of two. She has appeared on local and national television in Canada, and has regularly appeared as a panelist on Huff Post Live.

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thumbnail_187c8014-3dc4-47e3-aeb8-992437bee13cKirstie Smallman

Certified ChakradanceTM Facilitator, OMstructor, Nia® Practitioner, Ageless Grace Educator®, Montessori Teacher. Kirstie’s primary focus in life is Joy. How to get more enjoyment out of every moment we exist here, on planet Earth, in this amazing physical body. Her life path from the moment she could walk, has lead her to dance and movement as her primary modality for experiencing and finding more Joy. Dance is her joy catalyst… what’s yours? Kirstie has come to understand that the deep wisdom of the soul will use the physical body to communicate through sensations; and when we open up to the possibilities this presents, expanding awareness and embracing intuitive guidance, we can often attain deeper personal insight and greater levels of productivity and fulfillment in all life areas. And!! According to brainy scientific and behavioural studies, when a person feels connected, productive and fulfilled, this correlates to feeling happy J So, Kirstie takes courses and trainings designed to lead you back into your body. She embodies the lessons from her own life and integrates the knowledge of cutting edge neuroscience and anatomy all for the purpose of having the most fun here, and wants to share this with you!

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Andrea Kovacs

Andrea Kovacs, Holistic Coach, Reiki Master and Artist,  believes everyone has gifts within that are either waiting to be discovered or needing a little energetic shift to bring it to the surface, allowing it to shine! She works one on one with her clients to release these gifts to support their vision resulting in the manifestation of amazing opportunities!

Andrea has been involved with grass roots and start-up organizations focusing on those community members and their families dealing with ASD, offering her broad spectrum of knowledge as a parent and advocate.

Andrea loves to give back to the community and currently sits on the advisory board to the Community Integration Through Cooperative Education (CICE) program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. 

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