What’s Love Got To Do With It? By Laurel Crossley

Ahh Tina Turner .. the words to this anthem often stick in my head as the perfect ear worm – but seriously, what does love have to do with it? The search for love, real love, true love, a soul mate, our twin flame often proves to be an elusive beast.

Marketers slam us with messages that tell us to buy, buy, buy as a way to demonstrate  our love for that special someone – chocolates, flowers, diamonds, gifts, cards, etc. etc. I have been questioning the idea of love, self-love and the love for others and how it forms within us.

As many of you know, we announced that our theme for Simply Blossoming is Love and as the keynote speaker on this subject, I have been on a journey to discover what the science behind love is.

I began by teaching children in different classrooms around the globe to send messages of kindness and love to one plant and ignore the other. The plants were identical in size, shape and type and placed side by side in a sunny place and watered. The results were significant – one month later, the plant that was sent loving and kind thoughts grew taller, had healthier foliage and had more leaves! The results were the same despite the plant type, or age of the learners participating in the experiment. Our loving energies and words and thoughts affect the growth of plants (and presumably those around us).

I was recommended a book a few months ago entitled Love Sense by Dr. Sue Johnson which tackles the science behind romantic relationships. In her book she talks about the attachment to our mothers being the first “true love” experience of our lives which teaches us how to find those loving connections to others and only then (once we’ve experienced this type of love) can we truly love ourselves. This completely contradicted what I had believed for years – that self-love comes first and only then can you find true love.

I am SO excited to be bringing what I continue to learn to this keynote talk at Simply Blossoming. Cathy and I know that this retreat is only as successful as the love from our Blossom Sisters which of course, comes from our profound Sister Love for one another. When we are surrounded by a positive, loving Sisterhood, anything is possible!!




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