How your past is holding you prisoner…and what to do about it

Breezing through Facebook on Easter Monday and I came upon a video from Super Soul where Oprah talks about forgiveness.

Freedom and ForgivenessSeeing this helped me to pause and reflect. I reflected upon the issues in my life that I hold onto, which cause me pain and anger. I know that I should forgive, but for some reason I can’t seem to (or really want to) let go.

Oprah says “forgiveness means giving up the hope that the past could be any different”.  Interesting. It’s not solving the issue, not wishing that it didn’t happen – it’s letting go and moving on. There is no hope in changing the situation – it happened and that’s that. I believe, through personal experience, the “letting go” part is the toughest because it keeps creeping back in to my thoughts.

The only way I know how to truly let go of things (nod to the various Simply Blossoming workshop providers) is to meditate. When I do a purposeful meditation, I can consciously and unconsciously focus on something simultaneously. I hold the thought in my mind, and through deep, regular breaths, I’m able to focus on letting the energy go. I often will imagine the image of what I want to let go of in my mind’s eye, then let it float up to the Universe (or set it on fire – depending on the issue).

One thing Oprah does not mention is being conscious about offering GRATITUDE for the circumstance prior to letting go and forgiving. I have found that offering gratitude not for the experience, BUT for the life lessons the circumstance has brought me, is a more complete way of letting issues go on the path to forgiveness.

Is there something you need to let go? Someone you need to forgive? Not for them – but for you? Take the time today to remove the shackles of this low energy for brighter days ahead.

Cathy xo

Here is the link to the short video of Oprah talking about forgiveness:



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