Sometimes you need to Re-Treat! By Laurel Crossley


wine on picnic table

This “spring” has been crazy – snow, ice, freezing temperatures and only a couple of glimpses of warmer weather! And to make matters worse, I was hit by that horrible flu bug and hit hard! I was in bed for a week and sick for an entire month adding to the frustrations of a long, cold winter season!

I lived on a diet of soda crackers and popsicles, had to cancel classes, postpone meetings, miss a mom/daughter trip and Easter celebrations due to an entire month of illness. I was feverish and cried a LOT! I was frustrated, angry and miserable and until I had a conversation with one of our Blossoms yesterday, I hadn’t realized WHY I needed this illness! What, what???

December was a super stressful month for me on a personal level and I’d had my busiest year to date! My body literally decided for me that I needed a re-treat from life – get off the front lines of life and rest!

Our physical selves have a brilliant way of reminding us we ALL need down time, rest and relaxation. When I was off, I realized (and was reminded) of a few things!

  • Cancelling is okay – people understand and want you to be healthy!
  • Self care has GOT TO BE my number one priority and that means MORE down time and vacation time! While I was sick, I booked my summer vacation!
  • In order to grow my business, I need to make myself dispensable! I need to hire more people and replace myself so that I CAN take more me time!

I challenge you … to consider what kind of re-treat YOU need – a new self-care routine, a vacation, a trip of a life time? The possibilities are endless and we’d LOVE to hear what you’ve planned for your re-treat … and of course, the Simply Blossoming Retreat is a perfect opportunity to make a commitment to your self-care!

Love Laurel


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