17 minutes a day? I can do that!

PA240209.JPGWhen I attended the 2016 Simply Blossoming retreat I went to an amazing workshop by Melissa Siepmann. She was talking about taking time for ourselves in a meaningful way. When she broke it down, it was literally 17 minutes a day to commit to 2 hours of self-care per week. Seriously! Just 17 minutes. I felt overwhelmed thinking about taking 2 hours to myself each week, but I felt a lot better when it was broken down into a manageable chunk of time each day. I could have a bath, meditate, write a note to a friend, paint my nails – you can actually do a lot in 17 min! Since the time of the workshop, my pattern has faded about the actual timing (17 min), and every day I crave that “me” time. I make a point of breaking away from work, and nourishing myself – whatever that means that day.

After my own experience, I wanted to know more about the benefits of self-care for every woman (because I’m a research nerd!). After much reading I realized that it’s so important to take the time in order to show yourself that you love and care for your own well-being.

Adrienne Pringle, who is doing a workshop at the 2018 retreat, sent me a wonderful article about self-care for the caregiver. In this article, Saakvitne and Pearlman (1996) offered a great model of self-care called A: B: C (pretty straightforward!). Think about these three areas in your life

A = Awareness of our needs and the limits of our physical and emotional resources

B= Balance between our activities, work, play and rest

C= Connection to self, others and something larger

Cool right? Simple yet a wonderful way to really evaluate what’s going on with ourselves.

What I love about this that it includes CONNECTION. The essence of Simply Blossoming is all about connecting likeminded women in the interest of self-care and personal development.

Consider attending the 2018 Simply Blossoming retreat the weekend of October 19th to 21st – it’s an awesome way to re-connect with yourself too.

With gratitude,


Cathy Thompson

Link to article:



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