We Are So Much More! By Laurel Crossley

I was chatting with a young client of mine at the end of her school year who had dealt with friend “issues” – bullying, unfriending, talking behind each other’s backs, etc. Finally, a wise teacher of theirs took the posse aside and suggested to them that they were all such powerful young women with the ability to make great changes but that they CHOSE to focus their energies on petty things. In that moment, my 13 year old client had a truly profound moment that will stay with her forever – she was told she was powerful just as she was!

Imagine being told at a young age that you held the power to make great changes on this earth! Imagine being told that you had beautiful, game-changing energy.!

  • How many times we are told we aren’t good enough, we need to improve, or work harder?
  • How often are we given the opportunity to actually explore what we contribute to this earth?
  • How often do we get caught up in the negative thoughts or thinking that happen on social media or in the news?

We are SO much more than our careers, our roles, our volunteerism. As a Blossom, you exude an energy that very few possess or talk about openly! The Blossom community truly knows how powerful each of you are and how much you contribute as your own, beautiful energy. Time for you to get out there and share your beautiful light with the world, Blossoms!!!

In love and light,



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