We NEED to Connect

group photo 1I have two favourite weekends of each year where I’m surrounded by friends  – the weekend of Simply Blossoming and my annual girls ski trip. They fuel me. We laugh, cry, share stories and learn from each other. Even though we don’t a lot throughout the year, when we see each other, there’s an immediate ease. It’s as if we go into a bubble where the rest of the world stops. We just focus on us getting together- not work, not kids, school, siblings, partners – just us. I love these two weekends in particular because of the authenticity of the women who are with me. The “masks” are left at home and the sharing begins.

It can feel indulgent when there are so many pressures at home, at work and with our roles in our communities to escape for a weekend. I know that I am a better mom, wife and sibling because I go away and connect with other women. I learn a lot about myself. I feel cared for, in a way that can only come when the women show up authentic. Nothing to prove. Just wanting to share, listen and support.Cathy & Laurel May Soiree

If you have never had the chance to attend Simply Blossoming you are missing out. The women who come are literally the most incredible, down to earth, welcoming, fun and inspiring group. Ready to support with no questions asked.

Laurel and I have co-created this retreat only focusing on how the women can get the most out of the weekend. Not the bottom line. Not our needs – simply by caring about giving the ladies the best possible experience.

We welcome you with open, loving arms and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

With gratitude,

Cathy xo


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