When Things Don’t Go As Planned …


How many of you are planners, doers, controllers that love to run a tight ship? Or maybe you’re a project manager that has to be accountable for the minutest of details ensuring that strict budgetary guidelines are adhered to while managing a team. Details, details, details are SO important!

But what if your project goes over budget? What if your team members quit in the middle of your project so you have to adjust the deadlines? What if your plans get cancelled or what if your “tight ship” gets nailed by a storm?

Cathy and I manage multiple projects with many connected pieces and moving parts. When our parts fly off (now THERE’S a visual!) or plans change mid-course, or storms blow in, here’s what we remind one another of:

  1. Step away from the chaos AND BREATHE!!!
  2. Distract yourself for an hour or more – have coffee with a friend, book an overnight get away!
  3. Call in an expert and ASK FOR HELP!!!
  4. Build your team into the chaos and ASK FOR THEIR GUIDANCE!
  5. Celebrate with a little self-care – book a manicure, pedicure, massage or whatever tickles your fancy

One of the reasons Cathy and I started Simply Blossoming was to create a safe space for women to relax, rest, slow down and really be in the moment ensuring they leave the weekend feeling rejuvenated and able to tackle life’s “glitches”!




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