Blossom Community

Welcome to the Blossom Community!

The community is all about connecting and educating women to support and push each other to achieve new heights, personally & professionally. All of the blossoms here are members of the Simply Blossoming Community and are loving, caring women.

We encourage you to reach out and connect to the women here anytime – if you feel the nudge by looking at their profile, there is likely a reason you should connect. A list of names and emails are in alphabetical order by first name below.

Check back often as more women are embracing this community!


List of Blossoms & Contact Emails:

Adrienne Pringle:

Anne de Groot:

Annie Girouard:

Cathy Thompson:

Colleen Foley:

Colleen Saunders:

Deborah Little:

Kirstie Smallman:


Lisa Neddow:

Linda Campbell:

Lynnette Millman:

Melissa Siepmann:

Natalie Jamison:

Pamela Borthwick:

Sara Schlatter:

Shelley Charanduk:

Stacy Maynard: