Simply Blossoming 2.0

Simply Blossoming 2.0 has been created to support young women ages 19-29 who are interested in exploring their own personal wellness, mind, body and spirit.

Led by two passionate and incredible women, Alannah and Corina, they bring the essence of the Simply Blossoming community to a new age group. Their vision is to create a space that is supportive and full of like-minded young women who can connect about things that are important to them while ensuring they stay true to their own visions.

Alannah’s goal for Simply Blossoming 2.0 is to create a positive and safe environment for everyone to feel welcome in, and to spread her knowledge of mindfulness. She would also love to teach how to use meditation to help combat mental illnesses. She also is striving to create an environment where young adults can try new things without judgment or criticism.

Corina has a passion for mindful living and self care. She hopes to bring awareness about the benefits of mindfulness to many different populations. Simply Blossoming 2.0 is one of these populations. Being in the age bracket of the target population has allowed her to adequately determine the needs and wants for the Simply Blossoming 2.0 community. In addition to this, her social work training and experience with mental health issues will allow her to create an open and inviting environment. Her goal is to help provide a safe space for the members to address any mental health issues as well as providing a fun supportive outlet for the individuals involved.

About Alannah and Corina

Corina Bierling is a 4th year Bachelor of Social Work student at Wilfrid Laurier University. CorinaThis past year she completed a placement where she shadowed a Social Work Professional in a clinical setting at Brain Injury Services Hamilton. This position includes variety of tasks and learning experiences with a focus on cognitive behavioural therapy to address depression,anxiety, and anger. In addition to this training, Corina is completing a Minor in Indigenous Studies and has successfully completed Level 1 of the Opti-Mom Meditating Munchkins RTM Teacher Certificate program.


Alannah Byers is an avid practitioner of meditation and mindfulness. As someone who has Alannahbeen dealing with anxiety and other mental illnesses as well as shyness her whole, life learning to meditate and live a mindful life has helped her better manage her struggles. She is very passionate about art, music and animal rights. She is also an advocate and member of the LGBTQIA community, creating safe and healthy environments for members of the community.


Alannah is looking forward to returning to school to get a degree in gender studies to teach her how she can support the people around her. She also would like to use her business skills to support the LGBTQIA community, as well as assist people with mental illnesses to build a career for themselves.


Simply Blossoming 2.0 presents:

Besties ‘N Bubbly Friday August 10th 7 pm to 9 pm Oakville

Details can be found on the Facebook Page