2017 Flow

For the past 7 years, Camp Wanakita has welcomed the Ladies of Simply Blossoming to one of the most beautiful areas in the province of Ontario, Koshlong Lake in spectacular Halliburton. This ideal setting has allowed Women to spend time together, participating in workshops, playing outdoors and having time away to create a new plan for themselves.
Our Sponsors are hand selected to offer products and services to support the ladies time away. Each year, the flow varies according to the needs of the participants as shared throughout the year prior to the retreat.
Co-Founders, Laurel Crossley and Cathy Thompson pride themselves on creating space for personal awareness and personal development. In 2016, it became apparent that they needed to add professional development and so this area has been incorporated in 2017! 
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“Take Time, Take Root, Take Flight”

Simply Blossoming is thrilled to be bringing back the powerful and angelic vocals of Adrienne Pringle and Laurel Crossley who have written and created 3 pieces of music specifically for the 2017 retreat. Unlike other years, Laurel will be harmonizing along with Adrienne to “Take Time the community on Friday night, “Take Root and ground the community before lunch on Saturday and “Take Flight” the community before they leave on Sunday. 


Saturday And Sunday Yoga/Meditation

After breakfast on Saturday morning, you have your choice of playful Yoga, led by Sasha or Meditation, led by Debra. These 2 amazing women start our mornings off in a beautiful and gentle way to ensure we are  grounded,  connected and ready to start our daily journey!


Saturday Opening Keynote (brought to you by Beyond the Classroom)
Fataneh (Fatz) MacKenzie will take you on a journey of self-discovery through her deep mediations, visualizations and suggestions to unlock the deeper needs that will best support the life you aspire to have, no matter where you are on this journey. During this session, you will answer such questions as, “what’s holding me back personally?”, “what’s holding me back professionally?”, “am I connected to the “right” people to help my business, profession or career?”, or, “are the people in my life truly supporting my vision?”. After completing this session, you will intuitively know which afternoon workshop is best suited to help you move forward – either personally or professionally to achieve your best life as you define it!
Please bring a full water bottle, yoga mat and blanket with you as it is important to be super hydrated, extremely relaxed and comfortable during this session. As well, there will be time to journal and document your experience so please bring one with you to this session.


Camp Wanakita Recess Experiences
Play is super important during the Simply Blossoming weekend and something we have little time to do in our everyday, super busy lives! We encourage you to try new things, challenge yourself OR take some down time. Listen to your body and select the activity that’s best suited to support your needs!
Canoeing/Kayaking (subject to weather)
High Ropes
Guided Hike
Indoor Craft


Saturday Workshops
After your morning session with Fataneh, your workshop selection will become abundantly clear as to which one most resonates with your needs. Each one of our workshop providers has been carefully selected to help you with actionable steps and outcomes that contribute to your success! No need to sign up in advance.
Personal Development
Mind – Karen Sueaquan
Our resident “science and spiritual fanatic”, Karen will facilitate this workshop on the importance of mindfulness + neuroscience as it affects our concept of self-love. Self-love is ESSENTIAL in pushing through self-doubt, negative self-talk and perceived barriers which take away from our inner divine light. Karen’s beautiful energy combined with hard core science will light your path to success!
Body – Barb Sotos
SO many women struggle with their self-esteem and self-worth as it pertains to their body image. The impact begins with us very early in life and can impact our life choices and life experiences. Many of us hide behind who we are and Barb has devoted her yoga and wellness work helping women become more confident inside and out, connecting their minds and bodies to achieve greater personal success!
Spirit – Heidi Martin
Some of us lose sight of our spiritual sense of self as we age and as we encounter certain experiences in life. Yet, we know the importance of staying connected to our spiritual sense of self (those codes of conduct, morals or standards of behaviour). Sometimes we we find ourselves making decisions not based upon our own needs but of those around us compromising our spiritual sense of self. Let Heidi help you reconnect you with your spiritual side!
Professional Development
Mind – Shelagh Cummins
What’s holding YOU back from achieving business or career success?Are you working hard but not achieving the results? Do you want to work less and earn more by incorporating some simple strategies? Shelagh is the master of business development and will share her secrets of success!
Body – Binu Dhindsa
Feeling like you don’t have time as a busy career-oriented woman to nourish yourself? Still trying to figure out how to stay fuelled and move your body? Binu has developed programming and coaching to show you how easily you can integrate nutrition and workouts for the super professional woman, that will keep you energized, feeling lighter and more balanced within!
Spirit – Tamika Auwai
When it comes to career or business does it seem that others around you seem to have all the luck?  They have meaningful work that they love, relationships that inspire and propel them forward and, an abundance of income and opportunities flowing their way. Tamika has discovered how to leverage the connection to spirit in the workplace, in your career or in business, guaranteeing a path to fulfillment and success to help you achieve “super star status”!


Coaches Corners

Still have more questions or need a little more support after your workshop? We have secured our two Coaches, Shelagh and Laurel for some post-workshop discussions. Bring your journal, grab a glass of wine and join either Shelagh (professional/business development) OR Laurel (personal development). 
Personal – Fataneh MacKenzie
Lifestyle Coach, Fataneh will assist you with any of the personal questions or blocks around making self-care a priority in your life. Her casual conversations often lead her clients on profound journeys of self-discovery, resulting in tremendous personal growth.
Professional – Shelagh Cummins
Shelagh is one kick-butt business coach that knows how to help take your profession or your business to the next level and beyond! She has taken her own business into orbit using the strategies she has developed and offers to her clients. 


Sunday Workshops
One of the biggest challenges upon leaving Simply Blossoming is how to continue to make the magic happen after you leave. Both Kirstie Smallman – ChakraDance and Andrea Kovacs – SheNArtigans will provide you with opportunities to take the amazing content learned throughout the weekend and literally embed it in your life, illuminating the path for yourself and others. For some of us, it takes form as physical movement and for others it takes form as a creative endeavour. Using your intuition, you select which workshop is right for you!
Chakradance™ – Kirstie Smallman
New to Simply Blossoming this year, Chakradance™ is a movement based well-being practice that combines free-form, intuitive movement, meditation, and mandala art to help you integrate your newly acquired content from the weekend. Get in touch with your sacred self and connect with your unique soul through dance and dynamic moving meditations with music created specifically for Chakradance™!
SheNArtigans – Andrea Kovacs
Simply Blossoming warmly welcomes Andrea Kovacs to our roster of Illumination workshops. Ever considered combining shenanigans with art? Well Andrea Kovacs has! She will help you create a beautiful keepsake commemorating your weekend away whether you pushed your abilities to try something new or discovered a new sense of peace! 
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