Simply Blossoming Seminars

Simply Blossoming Seminars are open to all ladies but you must register to attend.

They are 30 minute sessions where you can sit in the comfort of your home and listen to these informative and inspiring seminars. All seminars are from 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm EST.

There is no charge to attend but spaces are limited and you must register to obtain the login information (beside each event below)

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Breast Friends

May 9th: Breast Friends: Simple Steps to Breast Health

Are you giving your girls the TLC they deserve?  Worried about your breast cancer risk?  Let’s exchange fear for action!  Science (and common sense) has shown that our daily choices have a huge impact on our bodies, and that includes your breasts.

Join Susan Schroeter (Nutritionist & Holistic Cancer Practitioner) for a life changing webinar and learn how to build healthier habits that can really impact your breast health:

  • Learn how your body may be sending you subtle messages of imbalance (too busy to hear them?)
  • Discover food culprits and heroes
  • Learn about simple and effective lifestyle choices with big boobie benefits
  • Understand how and when supplements can be supportive
  • The mammogram debate (PS – detection isn’t prevention!)

Special Guest – fellow blossom Trish Petersen will be joining us to share some of the wisdom she has gained through her breast cancer journey. Living with the belief that she was untouchable from the threat of cancer until she was diagnosed, Trish has learned a lot about the many ways to reduce the risk of breast cancer through informed and empowered everyday lifestyle choices.

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Beauty model girl in white dress jumping on summer field

May 17th: Feeling Fabulous and Flaunting It

Join Barb Sotos, founder of LivIn Yoga, as she talks about how you deserve to look fabulous every day. Being a super Mom and/or a wonder woman takes a lot of time and effort.  It’s important to never forget who you are and that you matter too!  We spend so much of our time caring for others and ensuring everything and everyone else is taken care of that our own desires get placed in the bucket list.  Many of us feel guilt or selfish taking time to nourish our own soul, and this is something we need to do in order to show up in the world as our most fabulous self!  Would you like to feel confident, comfortable and fabulous in your own skin?  This seminar will give you some tips and techniques that you could incorporate into your daily life that will help you feel fabulous and flaunt it!

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Gratitude Cards.jpg

June 28th: Gratitude: 3 Habits that will Change Your Life

Cathy Thompson, co-founder of Simply Blossoming, will share her keys to success through the lens of gratitude. This seminar will change your perspective so you can create happiness each day, through your ups and downs. Learn 3 easy and fun habits to change your life.

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July 12th: Travel with Impact: Incorporating your Love for Travel with

Doing Good in the World

Avid traveler, inspirational speaker and founder of Inspired Awareness, Melissa, will discuss her diverse travel experiences and show you how you can travel while giving back to the causes you care about.

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August 16th: Chakras: Learn Why they Are Critical to your Success

Join meditation expert, Reiki Master and founder of Sacred Vibrations, Debra Harding to find out what the chakras are in your body and how to tune in to them to optimize your life.

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September 19th: Into My Intuition: Use your Intuition to Inspire your Business

Cathy Thompson, founder of multiple organizations, including Simply Blossoming, will give you easy ways to incorporate mindfulness and intuition into your business. Cathy has been using her inner guidance in business for over 20 years with great success. After this seminar, you will have practical tools you can use starting right away to achieve the business growth you deserve.