“Thank you to all of the lovely ladies on this weekend’s SIMPLY BLOSSOMING retreat. I had a most fantabulous time. I feel full, drained, enlightened, elated, peaceful and so much more. I am soooo looking forward to next year’s adventure. Again, thank you all for making my first (of infinity more) time a wonderful, memorable experience. xo” – Sue

“I’m so grateful for such an amazing weekend. Although way outside my comfort zone, the pay-off was so incredibly worth it. I was only attending “alone” for about 5 minutes before meeting some of the most wonderful people. Simply Blossoming was simply awesome.” – Amy

“Spending time with like minded women makes for a very engaging weekend.
I will cherish the teachings, conversations and the energy that was given to me. I will use it to help me move forward in a positive way! Thank you to all you lovely ladies for such an amazing weekend. We are so blessed to have Laurel and Cathy in our lives.” – Laurie

“Just back from my wonderful weekend. What a great group of amazing women. Thanks for all the love and encouragement!” – Andrea

“I can’t say enough how glad I am I went to my very first retreat! I was told this morning by 7 women how relaxed I looked compared to when they saw me on Friday. Awesome! ” – Andrea Kovacs

“Wow, what an amazing journey this weekend was. As it was my first time, I didn’t really know what to expect. When driving home yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I missed my husband and children, but I really missed “me” more than anything. Thanks for the re-introduction, I am truly grateful. xo” – Simply Blossoming Retreat Guest

“The laughter, tears, connections, support, conversations, dancing, meditations, inner journeys, wine, listening, hiking, caring, sharing, peeing, more laughing……….I feel I have lived months worth of experiences in 48 hours!! I am truly blessed to have shared this time with you all!! Much Gratitude. Namaste.”  – Karen Spenuk

“I feel so blessed to be part of the Simply Blossoming retreats. The love, sweat and the zillions of tears that go into these events create magic. THANK-YOU Cathy & Laurel. Thank-you so much to all the beautiful women who attended, I didn’t get to meet you all, but I sure felt your presence!!!!!!! And a deep heart felt Thank-you to all you beautiful women who came up to me to show your appreciation.” – Debra Harding, Inspired Hearts, Simply Blossoming Retreat workshop provider and Reiki service provider

“It would be my pleasure and honour to come back next year!!!! YES, thank you both so much for the wonderful opportunity to part  of something  extremely special!!!!!  I love you both, you guys ROCK!!!!!! Thanks again so much!!!!! XO” – Heidi Martin, Simply Blossoming Retreat workshop provider

“Thank YOU Laurel and Cathy. I’m honoured to have been a part of such an empowering weekend. Keep up the great work!” Michele Bosc, Chateau des Charmes Winery and retreat sponsor

“I think the thanks go to Laurel and Cathy for having the vision for SB! Thank you so much for including me in this wonderful weekend away from life. It is transformational. ” – Anita Wieringa, Arbonne International and retreat sponsor


Register for the Retreat HERE


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